The PURIS total antimicrobial protection system incorporates the most up to date disinfection and surface protection technology, currently we proudly partner with ASX listed Zoono Group and use their Z-71 Shield All Purpose Protection that is proven to kill 99.99% microbes including COVID-19 on surfaces for up to 30 days. Zoono is EPA registered and the Zoono Z-71 Product is a water-based, non-toxic, Alcohol-Nasty Chemical FREE solution.

Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield does not kill bacteria by poisoning. Instead, it creates a hostile barrier that resembles a “bed of nails” that punctures and kills microbes when they come in contact with it. This means that there is no possibility of bacteria building up an immunity (i.e., no super-bugs).

When applied to a surface by spraying, wiping or ‘fogging’; the surface protection leaves behind a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface. These molecules are antimicrobial, silane based polymers that covalently bond to the surface forming a barrier of positively charged microscopic pins.

The positively charged microscopic pins attract and pierce negatively charged pathogens. The pins rupture the cell walls. This causes the pathogen to break up with lethal effect. The layer of molecular antimicrobial pins carries on working for up to 30 days on surfaces. Routine cleaning can continue and does not disrupt the molecule or its antimicrobial activity.